Well, I think you wanna see the animal in, you know, of course exhibit design has evolved in zoos over the years, from the sterile cage that from a veterinary standpoint, you might be able to sterilize this thing and keep anything away. It’s a lot different if they’re out there grubbing in the dirt, in the grass and everything. But it’s a much better exhibit, making it, putting in the natural. And just some of the things in terms of designing it, you know, I always particularly, I always wanted things to become more intimate with the visitor, the animal as close as possible, and yet not have what kind of, you have to have some kind of barrier to keep the people away from the animal and the animal away from the people. But what can you eliminate that as much as possible. And whenever, you know, open is better, if you have to use glass, make sure that there’s not a, you know, reflection. You have to have the exhibit in a much brighter area than the visitor who’s watching it, Because otherwise all the visitor sees is his own reflection in the glass. And it’s just silly little things like that, that make all the difference in the world of how an exhibit turns out.