Well it was a summer job, and I was assisting with the pathology essentially. Under the same grant. The first summer, between second and third year of veterinary school, but then I went back to veterinary school for that, in the fall. And then I had the summer off between third and fourth year, but I wanted to get more practical experience of really treating animals, not just dissecting animals after they’d, you know, passed away. So I got a job that summer working at the Humane Society. Humane Society of Missouri is a big operation in St. Louis, with the 10 or 12 veterinarians that do surgery, treat animals, they have a regular clinic there. And I got very good practical experience of treating animals and doing surgery there. But Joel Wallach had left the St. Louis Zoo, so he was no longer there, and had actually gone to the Brookfield Zoo as an assistant director.