‘Cause I mean, you’re doing a lot of painting, and somebody else is doing tiling. You know, somebody else is working on masonry work. Do you really like painting, or would you rather be doing this or that?” And give the person the stuff that they like to do, and if they’re good at it, give them as much of that as possible. And you know, I used to think when I was training veterinarians for, you know, on the residency, well you gotta work on their weak points. If they’re not a good speaker, well let’s see if they can do better at that. ‘Cause some of them were good already, you know, and they didn’t need that. Somebody else might not be very good at publishing, and well, “You need to get,” and so I would concentrate more on their weak points with that. And I realized that I think in terms of management, you’re better off to just concentrate on people’s abilities and their great points.