But there was this other area that wasn’t being utilized. And our our chairman of the board, very powerful individual in St. Louis, Bob Hyland, he ran the city in a way, because he ran KMOX, powerful radio station. Everybody that advertised anything happened through him, and he was the chairman of the commission. And he had gotten in, and then Ralston Purina was gonna donate, and we were gonna do this, It was kind of a farm in the zoo, so to speak. I know other zoos have done this, but this was going to be different. It was gonna annex about five acres and there was some, all kinds of political problems with that but, and Purina was gonna pay for it. And they put it all together, just some preliminary stuff. And I kind of responded to Charlie, I wrote this whole long thing, because they were gonna have, I guess what we consider, you know, modern farming.