Well, I grew up in South St. Louis, was a middle class family, probably lower middle class, in terms of wealth or whatever. But very close community, very much involved in the church and school, Catholic community. There was, almost all the people on the block were Catholic. We lived, maybe a half a block away from the church and school. So growing up was with a lot of others there, and it was, part of growing up was the priests of the parish. And so that’s why when it came to what was I gonna do, I thought, “Well, that would be interesting to be a Catholic priest.” And so when it came to high school, I went to the seminary, and I was in four years of high school and two years of college, and great guys there. I mean, I’m still friends with the people that I went to school with, they’re very intelligent. I mean, it was difficult, had to study all the time, but that was where I grew up.