(laughing) I don’t know that I ever ran afoul of any of them, but I remember, oh early on, and Bill Hoff was the director and it was, oh, had to be in the first year that I was there. I mean, maybe even the first month or so. And we were gonna be vaccinating some animals in the children’s zoo, and I don’t remember, some kind of mustelid was there that, and Bill Hoff said, “Well, you need to vaccinate it with, da da da da, such and such.” And that kinda bothered me, and I thought, “You know, I’m the veterinarian, I’m the guy, you know?” You know, you don’t take your dog to the veterinarian, and then say, “Well you know, which particular vaccine are you gonna give for distemper?” You know, and so I got to think about it. “Well, I don’t wanna, how am I gonna approach this?” And so what I did was I asked his secretary, “When’s he gonna be gone to lunch?” And so he was gone and you know, there’s all kinds of different vaccines for dogs and cats that can be used on zoo animals. And there’s a lot of different companies that make them. There’s killed vaccines, there’s modified live vaccines, and so forth for the various things. And so I went to his desk and I opened up all these catalogs, I probably had 10 different catalogs opened up to the various pages where the vaccines were there. And I had them all sitting on his desk during the lunchtime.