Well you know, when you work for any organization, you have your role and I was in my role, but you know how the rest of the zoo is operating too. And so you get involved in the other parts when when you have an opportunity, if you have something to add. And at that point, Charlie was the director at the time, and was, I think, there were a number of people that reported to Charlie, and he needed to streamline his flow chart I guess, of people who reported to him, and wanted others to take over various responsibilities. And so Director of Zoo Operations meant the animal division primarily, education also. But it was taking over not only overseeing veterinary care and research, but also the whole curatorial staff and keeper staff, and education department. So it was, I’d taken on more responsibilities, but it was something that I kind of, you know, had a knack in, I guess. And you said this was through the director then who wanted you to do this, Charlie Hoessle. Now did, you had mentioned before, the last director that we talked about was Bridges.