But when I presented it to them, they said, “Oh, that’s what you want? Oh, we can do that.” And so I really started with the hospital at the zoo, helping out with the design and the construction and the, on the staff at the zoo we had somebody who was in charge of outside contractors, and dealt with the architects and all that. And Charlie was the director at the time, and he talked to Charlie, he says, “You know, Bill knows more than the architects about some of this stuff, you know?” ‘Cause they couldn’t come up with an answer. I’m, “Well, why don’t you just do it this way?” And so they would follow it. And so I got much more involved with the rest of the zoo then, after that was built of the design. And you know, the River’s Edge, Penguin Puffin Coast and so forth, I was intimately involved in all those, and just enjoyed doing it. It was something that I had a certain skill in doing, and so took on that opportunity. You mentioned, we were talking about the hospital that you helped put together.