The rhinoceros escape, and most animal escapes, people think of animal escapes as getting out and running around the city, or whatever. They get out of their enclosure, but they’re not out of their building usually, and they’re not out of their, you know, usually. The rhino, I assume that the keeper must have left the lock off the front of the enclosure. The rhino area, there’s outside yards, there’s inside enclosure, and that inside building is open to the public, so there’s a rail that keeps the public back from the bars of the enclosure. And the rhino had gotten out of his enclosure, but was between the enclosures and the front rail that keeps the people back. A little space, maybe four, five feet wide. And it had gotten out of there and was still behind that little rail, only three foot high, and just sleeping in that area in the middle of the night. The security guard of course saw that and immediately called, and the curators are there, keepers, and of course I was in.