However, the dart’s a pretty good size, and it hits with some impact. It’s fine for a large animal, but a small animal, it’s a little bit, can be tough. At the time we made some darts, we’d seen some that somebody had had put together using the plastic disposable syringes, using a needle. And so we did a lot of stuff trying to make our own needles, our own darts, that instead of firing out of a gun, we used a blow pipe, and we could take a plastic syringe, modify it in such a way that you would have a plunger on it. And in the beginning, what we would fill in the back was butane from butane lighters, and then we would put the liquid in the front, and then we’d put a needle on it and we would modify that needle by plugging up the front, putting a hole in the side of the needle and putting something on there, so that when that slid down, the medication would be injected into the animal. And so yeah, we played around with a lot of that, and used blow pipes to project those in. Today that whole product, I guess you’d call it, Teal Inject is a company that makes those for you now that allows you to use, and it’s a much lighter dart, so you can hit an animal that’s, you know, five, 10 pounds and you’re not gonna damage it with the Palmer capture darts, you know, can cause some trouble with them.