It’s not using its hind legs very well. I thought, well maybe the dart hit, kinda on a spinal column, or up there, and it you know, caused some difficulty there, and why it’s having difficulty in the back legs. And so I thought, “Well, we’d better go in and immobilize that animal again. So again, I used CI-744 again and I had, we just had difficulty with the tigers. And so I started contacting other veterinarians that I knew at the time who were using the CI-744. “Was there a problem with it? Was there,” you know, and some of them, one another who had used it on tiger said, “Yeah, the tiger just didn’t do as well as everything else.” And it was really interesting, because I had difficulty then getting any more of the product from Parke-Davis Company. They weren’t sending it to me. And I realized that probably they weren’t sending it to me because they knew I had had some issues with it, with tigers, and they thought maybe I was gonna publish something about it.