We had one that was connected to the Democratic Party. They worked together with the legislature, ’cause it had to be, this was something now that went to the state legislature to approve it, to create this, and then it had to go on the ballot in the city and the county to be voted on, to see if they would agree to be taxed, the county. Overwhelmingly it passed, and each one is separate. Both the zoo and the art museum and the science center all passed, and so that created this Zoo Museum District. Later on in history, the Botanical Garden and the History Museum also are part of that now. But in the beginning, that created the Zoo Museum District. And at that time there was a PR firm that was hired to do all of the maneuvering for a tax levy like that, and Bob Briggs was the guy that was from the PR firm. And so the zoo was so impressed with him, when Bill Hoff left, they hired Bob Briggs as the new director.