And so property taxes in the city and county were pretty much on an equal level. We had a board member who, actually we had a number of board members that got involved with this, to create what’s called the Zoo Museum District. And the zoo and the art museum, both institutions that are in Forest Park, were supported by a property tax on all the property in the city of St. Louis. Well, they wanted to create a Zoo Museum District to include a property tax not only in the city, but also in St. Louis County, which would if passed, would double the tax base for the zoo and the art museum. So, but there were three institutions, the zoo, the art museum, and the science center. The science center was located in the county, and so that’s why they called it the Zoo Museum District. And so in ’72 we were very active in trying to create this Zoo Museum District. We had a board member who was very high up in, you know, was connected to the Republican Party.