And so I did apply and I kept it secret, didn’t tell anybody I was applying, but I applied, went down and interviewed, and got the job. And then I had this real conundrum to figure out, ’cause here I am, I’m in love with this guy, and I haven’t met a good guy in a long, long time, except for you, of course. But anyway, and so, I didn’t know what to do, really. But he encouraged me to go, so we went, it was closer to my home in North Carolina, so I could visit my parents, be involved with my family. And so it kinda made sense. We were barely making it work. As I said, I lived with keepers who were fortunate enough to keep me in food and lodging for the better part of my time at Lincoln Park. And I was only paid, I think, of the whole two years I was there, I was paid one year out of the two.