I think one of my favorite exhibits at the zoo is our polar bear exhibit, which we built and opened, oh, probably six years ago. And it’s a beautiful, we spent a lot of time going to all this. The nicest thing about zoos is that we’re one big family. Dysfunctional family, yeah, but one big family. And so we’ve got our crazy aunt and our crazy uncle out there, but we’re still a family. And so you can call up a zoo and say, “I wanna come and see your polar bear exhibit.” And they’ll let you come see it, and they’ll tell you what didn’t work before they tell you what does work. And they’ll tour you all around, and they’ll show you all the bells and whistles of what worked, and they’ll tell you all the things that didn’t work, and then they’ll take you out to dinner, and it’s great, and you have a great time. And so we went and visited all over the country, all of the polar bear exhibits that we could find.