So sort of the original model was flawed, because there’re not enough elephants for the zoos that want elephants right now in their collection. And a lot of the elephants in captivity today, in our care, are older animals. So they’re not gonna be moving them around. And so there are zoos that have gotten out of the elephant business purely because there wasn’t an elephant to be had. They had one elephant, maybe they had two elephants, one elephant died, and then they have one elephant and they can’t get another one to go with it. I knew a zoo that called us from California and wanted to move their one elephant, ’cause they had lost the other elephant, old animal, I think she was 39 or something. And they wanted us to take him out at the International Conservation Center. Now in that case, we wouldn’t do it because the animal was older and we didn’t wanna move her that far, all the way across the country.