I say that a lot of times you have to understand that fundraising dollars are divided into two different categories, very separate categories. And one thing is called capital dollars, capital fundraising, and capital fundraising is raising money for a new exhibit or an improvement, it could even be a water main, but it’s for a capital improvement, it’s for a one-time expenditure. We’re gonna build this exhibit, it’s a one-time expenditure. Then on the other side of the coin, you raise for operational dollars. So that can be dollars that you’re gonna spend for research, you’re gonna spend for conservation, you’re gonna build your education programs, you’re gonna pay the staff, or whatever those operational dollars are. A lot of groups, a lot of foundations, a lot of corporations don’t want to fund one or the other. So you can have people that only wanna fund operations. You can have corporations or foundations that only wanna fund capital improvements.