It’s interesting because, when you become a zoo director, and you become president and CEO of a zoo, the last thing you think you’re going to deal with is the loss of a human life. That’s really the last thing that you think you’re going to be dealing with. And you don’t have the training or the knowledge. You do crisis management training, and you do all those kind of things, but until you’re really faced with that, it’s very, very hard. And to lose a staff member is very, very hard as well. We had a terrible accident. I was at the office, I was sitting at my desk, at my computer reading my emails, and at animal management the day before, we had talked about walking the elephants on the ground, something we did for the elephants all the time, particularly the breeding females. The breeding females, part of our program that we think helped with our success of our breeding program, and helped us bring up healthy calves and easy births for the females was that we exercised ’em, we made ’em work.