You need to be able to talk to everybody at every level. I talk to the custodians, the laborers, the keepers, the curators, the donors, my board, all the same. For better or worse, all the same. And so I think to be able to, and the press and the media, you have to be able to talk to the media. And if you have that passion, and that vision, and that knowledge that you have from being a veterinarian, and an MBA, you got that in your back pocket, then you’re able to be able to put out a lot of fires just by being, because they trust you. They’ve listened to you for all these years, and you’ve always been straightforward and honest with ’em, and blunt in some cases, because I have called them for BS at times. So, I think that’s important to have. And all three of those things are very, very important to have.