You have to be able to look at a flat plane of land and see that new exhibit. You have to be able to look at this animal and believe that you can develop and see this conservation program that you’re gonna be able to develop. You have to be able to have that vision. And that’s something that is, you can teach a little bit, but it’s also a lot learned. You learn as you go along to be able to develop the skills, to be able to design and build something that’s not there, and see it in your mind, and be able to articulate it to a designer, or a graphics artist, or someone like that so that they can draw it and put it into a visual that then you can use that to go raise money. And then I think the other thing that’s good is I like people of all walks of life. I’ve always liked people. And I think that that’s a very important part of being a president, CEO, is you’ve got to be able to talk to everybody.