Because of my animal background, the fact that I was zoo veterinarian, and at that time I came on board, there were a lot of finance people, marketing people who were starting to show up in the ranks. And that’s even worse now. And so I thought it was very important that there be an animal person, that understood the animals, and was able to approach it from the animal welfare and all those kind of things, and speak knowledgeably about the animals. But then secondly, I thought it was real important that you just be who you are. Just be a normal person. So I was always just who I am, a normal person trying to do the best that I could do, and trying and failing, everything else, but trying to make us better, and always make us better. But I think a couple of things are necessary to be a good zoo director, or to be a good president, CEO in any business, really. You gotta have passion for what you’re doing.