And so it helped keep the keepers safer, because the dogs were there, the elephants wouldn’t reach out and try to grab a keeper who, for whatever reason, is too close, where they shouldn’t be, ’cause they’re talking to so and so and not paying attention. So it was another safety tool for the keepers. It helped keep the keepers safe. But you did get a lot of flack. Oh, we got, when the animal rights people heard about it and thought this was a terrible thing, and we were mistreating the elephants and sending the dogs after the elephants, and we were, blah, blah, blah. And what actually happened, it was somewhat our fault, too. What actually happened was, we had a reporter out at the zoo one day, and the elephant manager was talking to this reporter, and they were doing a story about the dogs. And the dogs were very, very well trained.