And so they add this accreditation aspect, along with all the other aspects of the great things that AZA is doing. A lot of great people in AZA. And so all these great programs are going on. And then unfortunately, gradually, like a lot of organizations, they became more of a regulatory agency, more of a regulatory policing agency, and not so much a membership organization. So they lost that, what I think is very important in a membership organization. They went from being a service to the members organization, where their sole function was to serve the members and to help the members run their zoos, become better, do better things, take better care of the animals, take better care of the visitors, educate, conserve, all those great things. They got away from that and became more of a regulatory and policing agency, and lost that really in touch with the membership, lost that feel of serving the membership. And so at Pittsburgh, we had actually looked at what we were spending on AZA, which the last year we were in AZA was $57,000, and we looked at what we got from that benefit.