And so I got behind the scenes there because of that project. And I got to learn, and boy, I tell you what, I must have sacrificed 400 pigeons learning that technique before I could go to the zoo and convinced them that this little vet student could help them with their bird sexing. And back in those old days you would put two birds together and hope that they would mate, hope you had a male and female. You just didn’t know in many of the species of the birds, and so I was able to do that. And that gave me my first insight into zoo medicine, or the lack of, actually. There were very few zoo vets at that time. And so I was able to go in, work with the staff, get to know the staff and say, hey, this would be something really cool if I can get in to the zoo medicine field. And there were only, at that time, I think two residencies.