And they have developed very, very good strategic plans. I mean, I give ’em kudos. They are 25, 30 years ahead of us in their strategic plannings. They very carefully have looked at, here’s the way we’re gonna close all zoos, and they have put together a plan to do that. And they raise literally millions of dollars annually to do that, to attack, to misinform, to try to have people believe what they believe. And it’s interesting because, when you talk about animal rights people, you don’t always, the people who are intimately involved in the organization, and very active in the organization are one thing. But the volunteers, the people that you see at the picket line holding the banner, or coming out to picket or to discredit you, a lot of times, sadly, they’re just misinformed. When you sit down with them, and you take the time to sit down and say, hey, we haven’t chained an elephant in 20 years.