Well, as I said, at Auburn you had a senior project that you had to do, and so you had to come up with something. Well, most people did a lit search, they took the easy way route and they did a lit search, and they spent a couple of weekends in the library at the vet school and they were done with their project. I wanted to actually make it be something that helped my career and helped me learn. And so I went to the two zoos, Montgomery and Brookfield Zoo, and at that time the bird sexing was in its infancy. Now they can do it with DNA and all that kind of stuff and they can figure it out with just taking a feather sample. But back then we used a laparoscope, and we actually looked, we cut a hole in the side of the bird and we looked in to see what actually was there, gonads were there. And so, that was in its infancy. And so I borrowed a laparoscope from the vet school and I volunteered to go to the Montgomery Zoo and the Birmingham Zoo and laparoscope all of their birds, and that was my senior project.