I don’t go so much on rides because I don’t think necessary, I mean rides, meaning like the sort of rollercoaster-based ride. I’m not really that, but I mean I think like themed rides in Savannah, that kind of ride’s fine. Boat rides where you’re seeing animals, that’s fine. Putting in some kind of interactive elements, I think it’s a good way to go. If you could put in like vehicles, which could drive on land and go in water, great, that kind of stuff. But I think it’s like seeing live animals, getting close to them, going ski lifts, ski chairs, open ski chairs, not cable car, putting them in the canopy, having monkeys at the canopy level, going into aviaries and ski lift and getting up into the canopy. Those kind of things, I think interactive, which are value added, which you can charge for, which get new types of experiences as opposed to the rather more static experiences of the traditional zoo is I think something which is has to come. I think people are looking at, at more entertainment.