Yeah, I would. But I would really suggest to them to go off and do a course in wild animal management first, so that they really get exposed to animals in the wild. I think a classical zoology degree does not do much for understanding the needs of animals that have to be translated into captivity. So when my son Sean was younger, I mean he talked about getting into the field. And so I said, “Well, let’s go to Arusha in Tanzania and let’s look at the wildlife college there.” And we went and we talked to the principal and looked at the facilities. And I had heard about it from one of my staff who’d done a wildlife management degree there in Arusha. And he was like, we were saying, “this is pretty interesting,” because what happens is Arusha is actually just outside the Serengeti. And so a lot of their trainings in Serengeti and it’s like a diploma course and then you can do a degree course, I think three years.