Oh, I think when I started, 90% of zoo directors were men and were either vets or zoologists. There were a couple of odd balls like Hancocks who was an architect. I think there’s one priest, couple of other maybe horticulturalists here or there. And then you had really the big wave of captains of industry coming in from not necessarily bankers, but people who had run large-ish companies. And I think that was a sort of a fad that a lot of boards felt that since they’re handling bigger budgets, they should have people who understand how to manage money in charge rather than… Zoologists and vets who have no concept about money. And I think that was to the advantage of the bottom line, but to the detriment of the animal collections. And for two reasons, one is that a captain of industry, when he comes in to a zoo, he doesn’t know how to manage animals and certainly doesn’t know how to manage animal people.