I think leadership style for moving teams together is very much a sort of inclusive leadership where you’ve got to almost be a facilitator. I think the CEO obviously has to get the direction and get the objectives correct and have no doubt in their mind about where they’re going and how they’re going to go there. But from then onwards, it is then getting the senior management and the middle management to buy into it and then contribute towards working in that direction. A CEO can’t do it by themselves and and they can’t necessarily dictate it to staff members. I think if you wanna get the most out of staff members, you want them to be empowered and to feel that they’re part of a team, preferably it’s their idea that they’re implementing. So there’s a huge ownership to that idea and then it will be implemented. And it’s right down to the ground. I mean, as one knows, as a curator, if you go to a zoo keeper and you say, “Look, every day I want you to put in all these fresh brows into this primate, this barren primate cage, because this is why, then you’ll stimulate their behavior.” If you tell the keeper to do it and the keeper doesn’t get why they’re doing it, all they’re seeing from you is you telling them to put in all these cut branches.