Yeah, absolutely. I mean, so my father being a zoologist, basically, used to bring back a lot of wild animals, which were given to him as a zoologist, sort of roadkills, fruit bats getting electrocuted on high pipe cables or so the young, so I had fruit bats, owls, in Australia bandicoots, a whole range of stuff besides the usual dogs and cats. So I grew up having to learn how to raise them. Probably one of my most important lessons that he taught me was he used to go out every morning and set traps when we’re in living in Queensland, Australia, used to trap bandicoots and do surveys, and so I said, “Can I have a set of traps?” And so he said, “Yeah, sure.” And so he gave me a set of traps and I set those traps and I used to go every morning and check the traps and see what was inside. And one morning, I forgot ’cause I was late and I went to school and didn’t check the traps. And so he came to see the headmaster of the school. And we’re talking when I was seven, eight, and he said, “Bernard has to go back from school. He has to go and check these chaps because if he doesn’t check them by midday, whatever his caught is gonna die in the heat.” And so I went back and did that.