That’s the point. I’m doing a PhD right now and what I’m doing is if it’s looking at great exhibits around the world and asking zoo people about which they think is a great exhibit, and then trying to analyze why it’s a great exhibit. And in fact, I’ve probably got subtitle it or the book that may come out of it would be called something like the Anatomy of a Great Exhibit, Zoo Exhibit. But the point is that, as with zoos in the world, I mean if there’s 10,000 zoos in the world, only a minute number are designed by zoo design professionals who understand the components of good design, which is natural design. Most of them, and it would be 9,500, would be designed by somebody who’s never, ever designed an exhibit in their life or were still a zoo. And so they go around. They’re commissioned by a country, a city that wants to build a new zoo, and they’re commissioned by that city and they go to the local architect and the local architect, “Well, I’ve never designed a zoo, but it sounds challenging. Let’s have a go.” And they maybe do a study tour and they go.