And I took senior staff and then I took a whole bunch of middle management staff on retreats, two-day retreats out of the country, but just to Malaysia. And we went through the whole philosophy of why we were merging, how we were merging, what were the benefits, what were the problems perceived, and how we were gonna try and solve those problems. And I think I did 8 or 10 retreats with staff. And I think they really did enjoy and respect it tremendously because they felt that the top guy could be bothered to sit down with them and talk to them in brainstorming sessions. I mean, I wouldn’t say brainstorming session, but discussion sessions about their concerns and their aspirations for the organization and how we should move it forward. And this was facilitated by professional management consultants, the same management consultants who did the studies, which said you shouldn’t be shown. Now, you had mentioned also that you would make rounds of the zoo. Tell us why it’s beneficial to a director to do this.