So he was chairman of Bird Park, chairman of the zoo. And so about three years later, and we got all fine, there was no problem. He kind of said, in fact, the first thing he said to me is like, “Bern, just do what you’ve done. You’re doing a good job. So just carry on and just do it. Don’t mind me too much, I mean, obviously, I’m the chairman, but you’re doing fine.” So I said, “Okay, cool and great.” And we had a fine, we had great relationship. And then Dhanabalan, chairman of Temasek, says, “Okay, the obstacle before was that the two chairman, one of them had to go, one of them’s gone, so have another study.” So Temasek consultancy, again, was engaged. And they did the study and they said, “Don’t do the merger because the corporate cultures are so different.” And Dhanabalan said, “I just merged them.