I mean, she’s like treated like gold. So she’s sitting there, her handler is sitting behind her. And we do this for years. It’s twice a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays on the tram treats, looking around. And then one day, Dr. Ong said, “I don’t wanna see Ah Meng today.” I said, “Okay.” And then the next day he came up, “I don’t wanna see Ah Meng anymore.” And so she’d be sitting in the enclosure looking at us as we are driving around, and she’d just be looking. And so from then onwards, he never asked her to come out again, but it had been going on for years. So there’s this huge resentment buildup, which Dr. Ong is completely unaware of and ignorant of. And I told him, “It’s like she’s really pissed off.