And so we did all this stuff. And while we were waiting for the three years for the government to make their decision, we were meeting every week myself internally with my staff designing stuff. The conceptual master plan that we had created, we actually designed it because we felt that the government will give us the money and we wanna hit the road running when the money comes through. And then we would have like this Night Safari committee who would have like monthly beatings. So the whole thing was just constantly ticking while we were waiting, It was virgin jungle, 40 hectares of jungle. I mean, just getting in there was, like, you would cut your way through, you would cut paths, you’d bring in four-wheel drives, you’d bring in tractors and bulldozers to create roads, but basically it would be hiking. And so there was like many, many days and nights of just kind of walking around, getting the right sites. So it was a very exhausting, but very exhilarating.