And so we got him Simon Corder and we said, “Simon, come and help us light this thing up.” So he did. And we had a board, but we had a Night safari committee and we said we have all these lighting options and everybody’s got a knows something about lighting, everybody got an opinion about lighting. Oh, it should be blue, it should be red, it should be multicolored, it should be come from the ground, it should be here. And Simon said, “Listen, boss, it’s two things. One, moon is up there so it comes down, so the light should be top down, not bottom up or this way.” He said, “The second thing, moonlight is the same color temperature as sunlight, which is about 3,500 degrees Kelvin. Stick with that color.” So it’s a very whiteish wash. And he said, “Let’s see color. And that meant you need to be about 40, 50 lux to see color.” Distance-wise, You can see color and make out shapes 35 meters.