And everybody would walk out onto this viewing platform and the tiger would be approaching a baited live goat,” which you could do in those days, you can’t do it now. They bait this live goat steak came out every night, different one every night. A tiger would come in and eat it, and so that’s your nighttime spectacle. So he said, “We don’t do the live goat, but at night, the whole point was that it was at night and it was just so traumatic. That was torches and stuff and fire.” And he said something like that in a setting. And so Dr. Ong, and he was very un-Singaporean in this way because if you talk to Singaporean about a new project, they say, “Well, show me the benchmark. Where has it been done before?” And the entrepreneur will say, “If it’s never been done before, well, let’s do it.” And that’s what Dr. Ong said. He said, “Has it ever been done before, Lyn?” He said, “No.” He said, “Then let’s do it, but let’s not do it on 10 hectares.