We got all ideas, but nothing really realistic. And until we got Lyn and Lyn happened to be coming through for some consultancy. And so we sat him down and says, “Lyn, what would you do?” And he said, “Well, I’ll just expand the zoo.” So we got 60 hectares. I developed 50 hectares into very large open range zoo and maybe 10 hectares, I put on a frivolous nighttime thing. And he said, “I base that on my experience at Tiger Tops.” And Tiger Tops is a lodge in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. And he said, “You go into Tiger tops. You go on elephant back during the daytime and you see tiger, you see a Nepalese rhino and chital and stuff. And then in the evening, you have your dinner, you share your experiences, and then somebody would come to the dining hall and say the tiger has arrived.