On Wednesday, they fired him and said, as a lot of boards have done and people have done, which is, we know is dead wrong, “All right, this is Wednesday, but five o’clock Friday, you’re out of here.” So he had basically two days of wreaking havoc on the zoo grounds with employees. And this was, there was a headline on the paper that I still have that says, “Is the Zoo Dead?” And he claimed, oh, he… (laughs) He could bend the truth. He said that the day he walked out of the zoo, the zoo would be in 16 USDA violations. Well, another reporter called the USDA and said, “Give me a list of these violations,” and they said there’s no such thing, you know. So that got reported that he lied. I mean, it was just terrible. It was awful. So Friday morning, that Friday, so he’s out of there at five o’clock, and I’d been avoiding him, you know.