No, I was general curator. That would have been sometime in, like I said, that would have been right around the time the zoo opened in April of ’74. Things, the zoo went south very quickly. Going all the way back, all the way back to that group of gentlemen who wanted to build a children’s zoo. They promised the local political leadership that all zoos were self-supporting, and that if they would just build it, give them the money to build the zoo, that enough people would come and pay admission and buy soft drinks and popcorn and hot dogs that it would pay for the operation of the zoo. So that bill that created the special purpose district spelled out, or gave, I guess I would say, you should say, the commission bonding authority that they could raise the money through selling general obligation bonds to build the zoo. There was not one sentence in that bill relating to operating funds. So the two counties and the city had been supplementing the zoo’s operating budget before it opened because there was no revenue.