A little bit of both. I tell people that, to my knowledge, I don’t think there is a black rhinoceros in Africa that’s wild. They’re all being followed 24/7 by rangers armed with infrared, night vision binoculars, and rifles too, or they’d be dead within 24 hours from poaching. And the pressure on those parks, and again, I’m talking about East Africa and to some extent Southern Africa. People need to eat. And when they see land being preserved for animals for rich white Europeans and Americans to come pay many thousands of dollars to see and yet they’re struggling to feed their own children because they don’t have the land or the resources to grow crops because it’s being preserved for elephants and giraffes, that pressure’s only gonna increase. In my lifetime, that issue is never gonna be resolved. Fortunately, we have some areas that are still, quote unquote, wild, whatever that means, but they’re getting smaller.