And then I remembered that several months before, you know, I had gone. I thought, “Well, this is just very strange.” I didn’t answer the letter, but a few weeks later, I went home, got in my car, drove back down, and now there was construction going up. A lot of the pine forest was gone, and you could see bulldozers and Track-Os running around, and there was a little office trailer. So I go over and with the letter in my hand, and I walk in and there’s a lot of people in there, construction workers. There was some architect, who I later learned were architects. Very loud kind of environment. There’s a lady sitting at a desk, and I went over to her and showed her this letter, and I said, “Well, I’d like to talk to this Mr. Mehrtens.” She said, “Well, that’s impossible, you know. He’s a very busy man.