But anyway I woke up the next morning in my parents’ home, and the newspaper was there. And I picked up the paper, and on like the third or fourth page of the paper was a little article about two inches long about how the zoo in Columbia was coming along and that there was some movement on the site. I thought, well, now this is interesting, you know, and I talked to my father, I guess, and I said, “What’s this all about?” “Well, you know, they’ve decided they’re gonna build a zoo.” “Where is it?” “Well, it’s just down the road.” It’s two miles from my house. So I had nothing to do. So I get in my car. And this is an absolutely dead-true story. I got in my car and said, “I’ll go down, I want to go see this.” So I drive down the interstate, two exits, take the exit, and the second exit, and I’m looking out. This is a bluff, and I’m looking out.