My philosophy with that was based upon the fact that I was a public institution in a relatively small southern city with no history of philanthropy, which meant that I had to rely on bond issues for capital money, which meant that I had to rely on elected officials who changed every year. So rather than develop a master plan, and I strongly contemplating a master plan, I developed my own little way of doing that. So let’s go back to that first bond issue with the farm, the restaurant, the new entrance, the reptile house. We, primarily the CLR Coe Lee staff, they taught me a very valuable thing that I continued to use throughout the zoo, and they described it in a very simple and very understandable term. Columbia, South Carolina has been called the screen door to hell (laughs) because of the heat and humidity. Our summers are brutal. Upper 90 temperature, a lot of 100 degree temperatures, and very high humidity. Our winters are relatively mild, but it can get, we can get cold.