Well, actually I, on January 19th, 1955, when I was 16 years old, I rushed out to Kansas City Zoo in Slope Park and the director at the time was Mr. William T. A. Cully. And a very nice guy and well known in the zoo world at the time, started out at the Bronx. And I met him and, one of these kids, go in and raise your hand and say, here I am, God’s gift to the zoo world. (chuckles) And he said, “Well, that’s great, but you gotta be 18 to work in the zoo. Now that I think is probably a very valid policy, ’cause you are working with dangerous animals. So when I was 18, I rushed back out and they hired 12 temporary keepers for the summer, well, I say keepers, we were actually called zoo attendant or zoo attendant one or something. So my first day, I was so excited, my guys, I gotta get there, ’cause I’d been to the zoo all the time. I knew all the animals, knew those individual animals.