And they walked through and I said, “Yeah, we got some broken sidewalks. I’ll try to get those fixed, but what can we fix?” There’s mud on the sidewalks, the chainlink’s falling off the guardrail, branches fell down from the last windstorm are still there. When they would clean out the hoofstock yards and they had the manure trailer, it would bounce and stuff would drip on the public walkway and they just leave it. This typical stuff, I said, “Let’s at least make the place look as good as we possibly can.” Then I got ’em the new uniforms. Well, when we started making it look better and had a uniform, then people started saying to the keepers, hey, this place looks good and you sure look nice today. And so it wasn’t me telling ’em, it was the visitors telling them. So they started taking a little more pride in their work. So that was very important.