I would not like to be remembered as a generic Gary Clarke. By that I mean, and my family knows this, whatever, I don’t want a funeral as such, ’cause I’m gonna be already, my wife has even agreed I’d be cremated. And some of my buddies are gonna take my ashes back to Africa and have parties everywhere where they scatter ’em. (chuckles) But I don’t want a memorial service where there’s, I see this when I go, a lot of my friends are passing away, so I go to their funerals or memorial services. And there’s a table and there’s a picture of them as a young person. And there’s a picture in their career. And then there’s, and their kids get up and say what a great father or parent this person was, and all that, I don’t want any of that stuff. Everybody that I’ve met or I’ve known has their own individual perception of me. I’d just like to leave it at that.