It’s a great profession. It was exhilarating and rewarding for me personally. One of the greatest things was the association with all my colleagues, all the zoo people, who I think are very special people, because they’re passionate and they’re dedicated. I think the zoos and our profession have had a major cultural impact on our society, on people, well, even worldwide, but especially in our country. Zoos have become part of people’s lives and zoos have touched people’s lives in very special ways. And even, well, ways that I never dreamed possible. One day in our rainforest as I’d make the rounds, I saw a fella in a wheelchair, and a woman with him and figured they were husband and wife, but I didn’t know exactly what the deal, I’d see ’em there every day. And one day my curiosity got the best of me, and I went up and I said, I see you folks here regularly, and it’s nice to see you here.