For example, we proposed a large baobab tree, the big fat-trunked trees found in Africa, one that had fallen or been pushed over by an elephant so the trunk was at least five feet in diameter. And part of that was on the visitor pathway. Part of it was in the lion space. And there would be, and where the barrier was between visitors and lions, there would be glass and kids could crawl into this tree trunk and lions could crawl in from the other side, and there you are in this baobab tree face-to-face with the king of the beasts. We didn’t actually get to do that. Then I wanted to have a tug of war with visitors and lions where, say you have an iron pipe and you put a thick rope in it and you tie knots in the rope so that it can only go so far this way, and so far this way, and it extends out into the public space. This would be under supervision with a volunteer. And maybe even issue gloves.